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Dearly Departed

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Dearly Departed

“A day without art is a body without a heart. A day without artists is like Jesus without the sacrifice.” Every time I’m in a studio recording, it feels like an out of body experience; having Harold St. Louis as a mastermind producer on a track is the icing on the cake. I believe my work is an eclectic collision of spirituality and cultural identity, I just happen to get caught in the crossfire of God being creative with His great commission. 

The spoken word single, Dearly Departed, entails the totality of my journey so far on planet earth...This track is part of my brain dump of knowledge to the world as  “I borrow the tongue of James Baldwin to announce that artists are here to disturb the peace.”

The second half of the track deals with how I perceive the world as a foreign environment full of pain. During my stage of mourning, I questioned everything that exists, including my faith in God. Ultimately, “I found therapy in my pen” and realized that “sorrows are fibers for muscle.”

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