Trap Queen

Trap Queen by Berwick "Underscore" Augustin

Ladies he calls you his trap queen and you love it!  Last time I checked a queen is a female ruler of an independent state, one who inherits the position by right of birth.  A trap is device or tactic used to catch animals, allowing entry but no exit, or a set up for a surprise attack. Your birthright is royalty but you’re entertaining someone who’s offering you peasant cash that goes fast. Not to mention a fleeting life furiously drag racing to either death road or jail lane. I’m not hating on Fetty Wap, I like the idea of you working that pole, but you can’t do it for any joe blow… no pun intended. Queen, value your worth! It should be no holds barred when his lyrics are matrimonial vows instead fleeting bars on a track. Guard your heart until his is aligned with that of the Most High. If not, you set yourself up for entrapment that traps your emotions for a surprise attack. Better yet, you’ll become the trap queen at the trap house whose life is ready to tap out once the killers or the cops come to clean house.  Queen, you’re part of a royal priesthood. You got a heavenly king who already lost his life for you. Did you hear that!? He died just for you and you ain’t even meet him in person yet!! He’s a gentleman who owns er’thing in the WORLD and is eager to have them at your disposal. He is preparing an eternal mansion to reunite with you. Until that time comes, he has already selected an earthly prince to temporarily look after you.  Your HUSBAND should be the ONLY one who enjoys your goods, turn up the heat to cook whatever marital recipe yall creative minds can muster.  All you have to do is get at Christ your King and let his wisdom consume your mind and light up your path so you don’t get trapped… My Queen!

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