Sex Free in a Sex Craved Society

Sex Free in a Sex Craved Society

By Berwick Augustin

Is it possible for an individual to practice abstinence in a society that solicit sex as if it’s the very oxygen you need to breathe? Sometimes this culture makes you wonder if SEX HAS BEEN HIJACKED because sexual freedom is the current revolution. Sex is wanted even if it means murder; homosexuals want their freedom even if it means spreading diseases, not to say that they’re the only spreading them. The late Hugh Heffner quoted that “if the craving is not satisfied, individuals will end up with all kinds of problems.” The irony of that statement is illegitimate sex has destroyed more lives than alcohol and crime combined. Girls are teased if virginity has yet to be tampered with and boys are ridiculed as being "backed up" if they’re not releasing unborn babies.  Young adults and adults are desensitized into believing that there’s no shame attached to premarital or illegitimate post marital sex. Others say good sex equals good relationship, so shacking up before wedding vows has become the compatibility test. Best of all, parents and educational institutions are passing out condoms to condone “safe” sex to 'prevent' diseases and/or having a baby; if you happen to conceive one, you can kill it.  We’ve come to a place where these aforementioned ideologies have slipped right into the church’s core characteristics. God’s purpose for creating sex is for total satisfaction on the marriage bed through commitment, communication, and sacrifice. Some may say they’re okay with masturbation, oral sex, and the like as long as there’s no actual penetration right? Then again what is sexual immorality? It’s ANY act or thought that violates the principles of God, anything outside husband/wife relationship. If one agrees that God created sex, the questions should be what does God require? Total Abstinence before marriage. How can that be kept? Don’t let your body control you, study scripture, hide it in your heart until obedience to it becomes second nature. Why keep the command? God’s vengeance (divorce, diseases, trials, curses, etc..), His purpose (call to be set apart for Him), His spirit (sexual immorality rejects God’s spirit). Is it hard to remain sex free in this society? Definitely. Is it possible? Absolutely! The real question should be is it something you’re willing to sacrifice to do?

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