Happy Hour

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Happy Hour
                   Berwick "Underscore" Augustin

Best happy hour is to accept Christ,
3 for 1, spirit’s for free
By far there’s no bar with a better offer
He set the bar for selfless offering
sacrificed his life for your salvation
His unconditional love is wicked
But if you choose to live a wicked
life, you shall surely die
Ezekiel 3:18
Got these words screaming WARNING!
Hell’s global warming
Nature is revolting
Ravaging the earth
What are your actions worth?
Life or death, peace or agony?
Best happy hour is to accept Christ,
He sets the bar...tender mercies
are top shelf, His well's never dry 
3 for 1, spirit’s for free  
No time for bloody maries
son of Mary
Shed his blood for me
to deliver this message
My hands are washed
from your blood if you rebel
and not take heed.
Last call, last shot
Sober up or DUI
Die Under the Influence.

© Copyright Berwick “Underscore” Augustin 2018

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  • Marcken Volmy on

    I love the word play and also a lot of the terminology that people like to use when attending a happy hour session. This took me back to when I was teaching. Some of the teachers would complain about being broke, but somehow they would always find the funds for happy hour. Lol!

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