Education Under Fire


Education Under Fire
   By Berwick "Underscore" Augustin

CODE RED! Education is under fire! From hollow points to hollow politicians filling their pockets with standardized funds on the grave of vulnerable pupils. We’re living in a ‘common core’ world with highly ineffective school cultures housing a volatile generation of students who are not properly parented and inadequately protected. There doesn’t seem to be any sense of urgency for vital decision makers to make this crisis a top priority. We’re talking about the most important profession on the planet! The only profession that shapes, molds, and builds the foundation of every profession! The best solution #45 can come up with is to put either a .45 or the like in the hands of educators. Let’s give deadly weapons to a group of  professionals who are overworked, underpaid, disrespected by various stakeholders, buried under paperwork, and insecure about keeping a job. What a brilliant solution to combat an increasing number of mental health issues! Although the educational system is mirroring corporate America, it should not be treated like the next reality TV season of The Apprentice. The reality is the educational system is fractured, families are hurting, kids are dying figuratively and literally, teachers are striking, and our nation is on the brink of being on educational life support. Education is a TOUGH profession that must be governed and executed by the right professionals. Teachers in West Virginia rose up; if the revolt catches fire nationally, maybe lawmakers will be willing to sit at the table and talk. In the mean time, while education remains under fire, parents must be proactive in creating instructional alternatives for their children so they don't get burned in the crossfire.

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