By Berwick “Underscore” Augustin

Endorse discrimination with the Bible, religion takes ownership, and no individual will ever have to deal with the issue. Brilliant! Even if hate, slavery, racism, classicism, or the like are birthed out of the process, the blame can be tattooed on God’s back. Doesn’t that sound like a dazzling plan? It has worked…well, kind of. Have you ever heard some black people label Christianity as “the white man’s religion?”  The adage stems from the way the bible was used to catapult the African slave trade hundreds of years ago. Who can fault Africans for rejecting such a “cruel” faith? Ironically, they were forced to hate the “cruel faith” that serves as their only saving grace from any type of oppression.  It’s a fact that slavery is in the bible, but the Europeans took it out of context and misused it to repress. Furthermore, the good book has endless authoritative writings about not showing partiality and loving your neighbor as yourself. Of course, those scriptures were purposely overlooked. Good liars are known for telling half-truth so they can manipulate the situation to their likings. Once truth is warped reality becomes relative. The God honest truth we can agree on is the fact that racial equality in our society is as far as the east is from the west. Different cultures are hating against one another and discriminating within their own races. Blacks broke their backs to build the United States on a white led biblical infrastructure centuries ago. Since then, they’ve been fighting each other and have yet to obtain the luxury of living a harmonious life in the ‘land of the free.’ The solution is simple; put God back in the picture, love and see people the way He does!  He obviously loves variety if He took His time to create various nations and ethnicities. If God created the universe and everything in it, chances are He’s the best person with the manual on how they should function. Don’t we all put that kind of faith and trust in manufacturers and their manuals? We can’t legislate nor educate our way out of discrimination. The virus of hate is in the heart. The only antidote for it is Christ’s continuous transforming work in our lives.

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Evens Jean

My sentiments exactly!

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